King Jerky was established in 2015 and started to sell its products at several farmers markets.
With great success from the farmers markets, King Jerky opened its own retail store in Ktown, Los Angeles in November, 2016.

Our manufacturing facility is regulated and inspected daily by the USDA and maintains SPSs(Sanitation 
Performance Standards), GMPs(Good Manufacturing Processes), SSOPs(Sanitation Standard Operating
Procedures), PCP(Pest Control Program with continuous prevention and service), ES&T(Environmental
Sampling & Testing), and Allergan Control Program.

All of our gourmet jerky products are 100% All Natural, minimally processed with:
 • No Preservatives
 • No Artificial Colors
 • No Flavor Enhancers
 • No MSG
 • No Nitrites
 • No Chemical Additives

Beef Jerky is made from only 100% U.S.D.A. approved Top Round Beef, not chopped and formed.
Turkey Jerky is made from 100% Fresh Solid Turkey Breast.
Gourmet Jerky is all Natural Free Range (never confined) Buffalo/Bison, Elk/Venison, Wild Boar raised
WITHOUT Hormones or Antibiotics.

Shelf-Life–Products will last 12 months if non-refrigerated, but due to the continual drying nature of
the product, for quality concerns, not safety, the product is best used within 12 months of manufacturer.
They may be stored and shipped at ambient temperature.
No Refrigeration required of recommended.

King Jerky is dedicated to food quality, and its All-Natural Preservative Free line of Jerky food products
and to the health and safety of its consumers.